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About MELIANNA.  Photography, Video, Art  

Melianna is an art studio made by Anna Melnykova.

Anna studied architecture in Ukraine and art photography at the Royal academy of arts in The Hague, The Netherlands.

"In my artistic practice I am interested in several aspects of visual culture. The image itself as a carrier of a meaning; shift of perception because of visual representation; comprehension of an artwork in society. Photography for me is a way to work with these ideas.

I am not dependent on photography as the only way of visual representation. I am using the photographic medium as one of the "brushes" to work with. Photography intrigues me in its complexity. It is not just about a photograph, but it is about layer of a meaning which occur on an image when it becomes a photograph.

My work made with painting aesthetic to “catch” viewer and let him go further into the idea. Most of work based on problems of selfidentification and relation ships between people in modern society, where photography became a credibility. "

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